Wedding Flower Themes


When picking your wedding flowers, and with every other element of styling your wedding, it is essential that you have a theme in mind…

It could be a general wedding theme such as classic, modern, vintage etc. or a more specific colour scheme that you’re basing every decorative element on.

For a rustic wedding theme one of our favourite flowers has to be lavender. Subtle, yet sweet, the beautiful lavender is perfect for a shabby chic setup and your rustic wedding flowers.


For example, tying a bunch of lavender with twine can make for a striking and refreshing bridal bouquet. Or a single lavender or small bunch can be tied to the end of each aisle for memorable ceremony decorations.

Another fabulous idea is to have lavender presented in glass mason jars for unique wedding floral arrangements which can be scattered throughout the reception or double as rustic inspired centerpieces. You could also combine them all and have a lavender wedding bouquet, aisle décor and centrepieces!


Another specific flower example, and one of the most popular wedding flowers of late, is the glorious peony.

This captivating flower is perfect for classic wedding styles embracing sheer romance.  An all-white wedding, or pastel colour schemes with an emphasis on soft blushes, are ideal themes for the peony to be the central flower.

Peonies come in many different colours and are sure to compliment any wedding theme or colour palette! They come in a range of different shapes and sizes and make for beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, decorations etc.